Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dedications, Acknowledgements, and GRATITUDE

On the surface, writing a book seems to be a one person job. However, that is not the case. As we know, it also takes editors, cover designers, formatting and book packaging people, and many others to get that book in the reader's hands.

But those are only the obvious people involved. As I wrote the dedication and acknowledgement pages for my 2nd novel, ONE BITE PER NIGHT, I realized how many people contributed to the creation of this story and in how many unique ways. These people deserve my undying gratitude.

First there were my critique partners and beta readers who gave me the feedback I needed to make the book the best it could be. 

There was the guy who had really cool hair which inspired the appearance of the hero. "Well, I didn't DO anything!" he protested. "I didn't even know you then."

"You don't get it," I told him. "Writers are weird. I had absolutely no ideas. Your hair inspired me enough to have something to start with."

There was the encouragement and support of many friends when I was discouraged and especially their understanding that I had to often abandon them when buried in my writing cave. 

And there were the people who flat out saved my butt during a drastic life change that could have left me homeless and unable to write. 

There's my mom who, though I'm unable to thank her in person since she passed away, every book is dedicated to her because she always encouraged me and supported my dreams. Also, the heroine is a painter and my mom and I both were as well. Every time Lydia (the heroine) had creative inspiration to paint, I'd remember my mom and I looking at a cool sunset or something and her turning to me and asking, "Do your fingers itch?"

Mom also helped me with some research. I paint with acrylics. My mom painted with oils, like Lydia. So any time I had to describe her work I remember all the stuff my mom told me about oil painting.

Writing this book also makes me grateful for my grandmas. The heroine's grandmother is a hateful biatch in ONE BITE PER NIGHT. After writing that book I appreciate my awesome grandmas all the more. 

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  1. It is amazing how one person can spark something that can make such a difference in the book.