Friday, November 4, 2011

Why I'm doing NaNo this year....sorta.

In the last few weeks I've discovered a small (thankfully temporary) downside to getting a book deal: the "not writing" part. While waiting to begin edits on my novel, I occupied myself with research and notes for subsequent books in the series...but I don't want to go too far and fall in love with an idea only to have my editor not like it. I've also been working at keeping up with my social networking, which thanks to all you awesome people, doesn't really feel like work. But...I MISS writing! I miss bringing characters and adventures to life on the page.

So...mere hours before it started, I've decided to unofficially do NaNoWrimo. I'm doing another novella in my rock star series. Like my last one, it's a pure guilty pleasure project. I've had the premise and some fun scenes floating in my head for months and NaNo gave me the perfect excuse to indulge myself.

In summary, this project is pure playtime in which I give myself full permission to write junk and have fun with obvious and not so obvious references to both fiction and the heavy metal subculture. I.E. In the real world, there's a "Big Six" in publishing and the "Big Four" in Thrash metal. In my fictional world, I have a "Big Six" in thrash metal, LOL. I also named the band in this project, VishÓ§us. ;)

Taking great hair and great music to the next level? How can I resist?

But as I have no idea where and if this series would fit in the market, I am not that emotionally invested in it. When the time comes to get back to work on BITE ME, YOUR GRACE, I can close this document without regret.

Because I now realize what NaNoWrimo is all about. Getting writers doing what they do best: WRITING.


  1. YAY!! NaNo is helping me finish my werewolf project and get another off the ground. I LOVE to write and do almost everyday, but having a set goal in mind is valuable in the extreme AND the write ins are going to be awesomely fun!

    By the way, in my humble opinion, your rockstar series is totally marketable! I love your characters and the craziness of their celebrity lives.

  2. Awww thanks! I may find a home for them someday, but for now I'll just play with them while I can.

  3. This is a smart idea. There's nothing worse than getting emotionally involved with a new project, only to have to put it aside to work on something of greater priority.

  4. Thanks for the comment. I think it's also doing well to remind me that I enjoy writing.

  5. That is the same reason I signed up to do NaNoWriMo the day after it started! :)