Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun at the Release Party for FATED

I'll warn you now, I'm going to make a huge deal over this. I live in northern Idaho, which is a beautiful place, but  is practically in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, we miss a lot of excellent concerts, plays, and other attractions. Authors almost never come here for book signings. But this time, I lucked out. In case you haven't heard, FATED by Rebecca Zanetti came out yesterday. And what's even better is that she's from my area, so I was able to attend the release party!

It was held at The Gourmet Way, a fabulous store full of cooking supplies, spices, and wine. And I got a new digital camera so I was able to go all fan girl and get a picture of myself with the author.
I gotta say, Rebecca Zanetti is even prettier in person! And she was all cool and classy the whole time signing TONS of books for her never ending line of eager readers. I would have been blushing and babbling like a moron, I'm sure.

With all the people there, I didn't get a chance to talk to her long, but there were other awesome people in attendance. My buddy and fellow IWL member, Shelley Martin was there along with romantic suspense author, Bonnie R. Paulson. Then later I ran into author, Asa Marie Bradley who did an awesome workshop at last year's IWL conference.

I also got to sample some delicious appetizers, yummy wine, and these decadent chocolate cupcake thingies. While munching, I overheard the funniest conversation between two guys. They said they loved the cover of FATED because men could read it in public without anyone knowing they were reading a romance novel. LOL!! I was still laughing when I left to go to work.

NOW for my awesome news: Be sure to stop by on Friday, because Rebecca Zanetti is doing a guest post and you guys will get a chance to win a copy of FATED!


  1. It was awesome to finally meet you in person! I feel like a stalker with lurking on your blog so much. lol.

    Can't wait to get to know you more!

  2. LOL! I lurk on yours too. And it was hella great meeting you as well. You are one gorgeous lady!

  3. I love meeting authors I admire.

    I've heard men not being happy carrying around some of the YA covers too!

  4. LOL. I hear that. That's why I loved my automotive professor. He loved Harry Potter and wasn't ashamed to let anyone know it. The rest of the class would roll their eyes as we argued about Snape in the shop. I won.

  5. I live in WI so I know what you mean about missing out on the fun things. :(

    I've heard about this book in passing. I'll have to come back tomorrow to see more!

  6. I just started it today and I am loving it so far!

  7. I'm so jealous you got to go meet her. Glad you had fun. Hope the weather wasn't too bad. :) Awesome picture.

  8. The weather was actually pretty good. The blizzardy misery didn't start until later in the evening...and it's still going today.