Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interview With An Incubus

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing a character from the Eververse series by Stella and Audra price. Character interviews are a writer’s favorite thing to do =) Arcady Morrison is an incubus. Women call him Mr. Fantasy.

Brooklyn: Arcady, tell us a little more about yourself.

Arcady: Hey sweetheart. Thanks for having me, though you haven’t yet. We might have to change that. *wink* Well lets see… Im 28, Im from California, I like sushi, money and women, not in that order. My parents are in the porn industry and Im a hit man. All my talent love, are for hire.

Brooklyn: What exactly is an incubus?

Arcady: I could show you… *chuckles* An incubus, for all intensive purposes is an energy demon. Long ago my race could feed on all sorts of energy, but these days its strictly sexual as it’s the most pure.

Brooklyn: What are benefits of what you are?

Arcady: Screwing? Longevity? Youth? You name it. A properly fed Incubi can live indefinitely, we don’t have to collect souls like other demons and we are freaking hot…

Brooklyn: What are downsides?

Arcady: Anonymous sex about 98% of your life. You can't feed on a female more then once unless you plan on staying with them. The bond gets too strong.
Tell us about the world you live in: I live in the same world you do petal, but I just occupy the darker side of it. Most of the world lives in ignorance of what goes on out there… I don’t. *smiles*

Brooklyn: I can’t help myself: What’s your sign?

Arcady: Me? I’m a Leo, August born baby…

Brooklyn: Sweet, me too! Describe your ideal mate.

Arcady: A woman that is both stalwart and yielding. I need a contradiction. A woman that needs me to love her, but can take care of herself. A woman that isn’t afraid of life. That is the woman for me.

Brooklyn: Favorite music?

Arcady: I'm an incubus, anything that gets a chicks hips moving is good for me.

Brooklyn: Favorite movies?

Arcady: I'm a fan of the horror genre, and action flicks.

Brooklyn: Pet Peeves?

Arcady: When people leave the milk out! Damn it people, milk is supposed to stay cold so it doesn’t curdle! Ooh and I hate finding hair in the sink *shudders* Skeeves me out.

Brooklyn: Thank you so much for your time, Arcady. And a big thanks to Stella Price for bringing her character to life so I could interview him! Readers can get Arcady’s story here:

For an added bonus: Here is a chance to win an e-book copy of SUGAR AND SIN, the first book in the Eververse Series and where Arcady Morrison makes his debut.
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Contest ends Monday. I'll do the drawing and announce the results on tuesday. =)


  1. That was awesome. Love the pic = yummy. Is that Ryan Reynolds?? Sounds like an interesting dude and book :o)

  2. It is Ryan.. Its who we patterened Arcady's uber hotness after...

  3. I'm so gonna have to get Silk and Steel.

  4. I think you will like Silk and Steel, Arcady's story is more romantic then Sugar, but its still brutal, his girl is... well shes a bit unhinged...

  5. Well, Arcady is one dandy dude:) I cannot wait to read about him! Thanks for the interview. I so did recognize that picture of Ryan- Yum.

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  6. Sounds fun!

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