Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review of SUGAR AND SIN by Stella and Audra Price

Sugar and Sin is the first novel in the “Eververse” series. It follows the love stories of, mainly, four characters. There is Astrid, a really hot witch from France and Fallon, a teleport demon. Then there is a side romance between Fallon’s best friend, Feyd, a telepathic demon, and Ashlyn, a lower level fire-demon. The reader is also granted a tantalizing glimpse of many side characters, subplots and further stories to come.

The beginning of the book was hard to follow, but as I gradually got to know the characters and the various subplots, I became hooked. I compare it to watching a TV show in the middle of the series and becoming addicted, despite missing out on some information. The “Eververse” series will quickly become a guilty pleasure.
Warning: This series has a lot of hard-core sex in it. If you prefer less graphic love scenes, then I wouldn’t recommend it. For those that like books that get down and dirty, I have three words: Hot. Hot, HOT!

Another disclaimer: There is quite a bit of infidelity in this book, but it is consensual infidelity, so I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I prefer faithful men, but on the other, it is a gratifying fantasy to be able to “play” with other hot guys and I appreciate the authors allowed their female characters to have fun on the side as well. If only the men cheated while the ladies sat docile at home, I would’ve quit reading.

SUGAR AND SIN also ends with a cliffhanger ending and despite its disjointed and confusing beginning, I am eager to read more of this series that goes places that few dare to venture.

Stay tuned, for soon I get to interview a character from the Eververse series: Archady Morrison. He's an incubus, so we know it'll be fun!

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  1. Ooh Im glad you like it!

    A word on the "infidelity": Our characters dont equate sex with love, and vice versa. Sex is something you do to feel good and to bring you closer to someone, but you dont have to love them. They are of the persuasion that if you cant sleep with your friends who can you sleep with? See the series and the characters are not for everyone, and we have gotten flack for going against the norm (letting our guys AND girls screw around in a relationship) but trust me, it has reasons, and they will be shown through the books.

    that said, thanks so much hun, you are a goddess!


  2. I respect that you dared to go there! I also appreciate that the infidelity was consensual.
    I just felt compelled to inform readers that may be squicked out it, that way you don't get nasty reviews from those that don't understand that sort of sexual relationship.
    I would LOVE to play with the lead singer of Megadeth, but if I ever had the chance, that would mean I'd have to share my man with another woman and I DON'T SHARE! LOL. Still, I can dream...
    Your book was a pleasure and I look forward to our special guest interview.

  3. LOL woman we have gotten HELLISH reviews for this book and they all stem from the fact that Fallon has sex before and after he ends up with Asty again and not with Astrid. Most dont realize that Asty is ok with it because of the fact that the sex=love thing doesnt come into play. Plus, She gets a not piece of Cash... Hello! Who wouldnt want both Cash and Fallon (and she gets both in a threesome in book 4 btw)


  4. Mmmm Cash. My fave character definitely =) Wait, so you also have menage scenes in the series? And ones w' 2 guys instead of the usual (and boring to me) 2 girls one guy? Whoah. I'm considering blogging about the "smuttiest smut I've read this year" at the end of 2010. You just may win, girl!

  5. Well, Yes, but NO MALE CHARACTERS in any of our books have sex with other men. Sorry, We just dont dig it. But yes, there's several scenes with 2 guys and one girl, in fact in Masquerade (book 4) there's a Menage with the MC and his brother when they take on the Heroine and the one with Astrid and Cash and Fallon.

    Cash is a hottie, and Astrid's relationship with him progresses as well, so that's interesting. Both of them have other people in their lives but they are still together. Infact, I think in the next books coming up (5-9) each book has atleast one m/f/m scene in it,and one or 2 f/f/m scenes *shrug* it depends on the characters.

  6. Yeah, I meant two guys and one girl. I don't have a problem with 2 guys, God knows I wouldn't be an Anne Rice fan if I did =) I'm just too hetero to be entertained by those scenes. I'm not really into the 2 girls and one guy thing for pretty much the same reasons...well, that and I feel those scenes objectify women. Let men be objectified for a change!
    Wow, you have some lusty characters. I have a feeling every review I do for this sceries is going to spark some "stimulating" discussions. ;)

  7. Well alrighty then...apparently, this is a must read for me (you knew it would be, right?). LOL One thing, Annarkie dear - you need to include purchase links when you do a book review, so lazy peoples like me can click to order?

    (I will go find it, never fear...) ;-)

    Thanks for the review (and comments after too).

  8. Probably, LOL. though truth is that our Female characters that are BI sexual, we dont feel it objectifies women, because they, the characters we have, love other women. The scenes with 2 girls and guy are actually more about the women then the guy involved for our characters, because of the feelings the women have for eachother. Astrid and Ash have a scene in a short story together (actually theres a swap story where Fal and Feyd swap, but in the same room, odd but it works for them) and Ast and Ash are BFF, but they feel a certain kinda kinship with eachother. Again, its physical, and both like chicks. Why did we write them like that? No clue, that is how it came out. Aud and I are extremely het, but the characters some times arent. One of our Demon princes is bi, but we never show him slinging swords with another guy, just after the fact. Why? Aud and I dont like writing m/m sex, cuz we dont find it attractive. While Im a het female, I can admit that 2 women aesthetically is prettier then 2 guys, and easier to write. a little kissie kissie, a little touchy touchy and boom, done and done. Does that make sense?

  9. Certainly does =) I forgot that your lady MCs are Bi. That definitely cuts out the objectifying angle.
    Hey, you wanna give me the purchase link so I can edit this post and put it in?

  10. OOh sure... the print, cuz thats what we push is here:

  11. M'kay I edited and added the link. I should share again.

  12. Great review! And interesting conversation on here ;o)