Sunday, July 8, 2018

Want to feature Tempting Beat on your blog?

Okay, first off I want to share what's the best news of the month. I seem to have gotten my writing groove back! That means I'll be done with Hearts of Metal book 7 by the first week of August. THEN I hope to get going on the next Brides of Prophecy novel before I get started on the first book of the NEW SERIES I JUST GOT SIGNED FOR!
I'm still not allowed to say what it will be about, but I can say that there will be 5 books!

Next news is that my virtual tour for Tempting Beat kicks off on the 11th. If you want to feature my book or review it, you can sign up HERE.
Hosts and those who visit the spots on the tour will be entered to win a $15  gift certificate for Boroughs Publishing groups books.

Misc news:

Oh my goodness, I had so much fun at the Dead & Company show. If my next Hearts of Metal novel didn't take place mostly in winter, I'd have yet another scene set at the Gorge. This time, we could see it from our campsite!

And the view of the stage at sunset was epic:

Personal Stuff:

Life has been going pretty well. Aside from stealing exactly 4 drags over a two day period, I've been staying off the cigarettes. Making my own vape juice has really helped with that. I invented a new flavor: Honeyduckle! (It's honeydew and honeysuckle).

My son started a job at a grocery store this week and I'm hella proud of him.

On the not so great news, I think my laptop is on its last legs. It did get a new lease on life when we upgraded the RAM, but I've had to replace the keyboard twice and now the new keyboard glitches out and pixels are dying on the screen. I have a USB keyboard ready for when the keyboard fails, but with book sales being down, I had to spend my backup laptop fund on keeping up with my dental debt and student loan payments.

So, I gave in and set up a Ko-Fi account. If you feel like chipping in three bucks, here's the link:

Of course, I prefer to sell books, but I had a lot of nonreader friends who asked me to set up something else.

Anyway, I rambled more than I expected. Next week, I'll share the blog tour stops and some other news!

Thank you so much for being one of my readers!

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