Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Registration is open for Book Lover's Con!

Hey everyone!

Man, the people at Book Lover's Con (Formerly RT) have been major teases this year! But finally, they opened registration to the public.

What's awesome is that not only is the registration almost $200 cheaper than RT was, (only $395), they'll also be holding raffles for those who register. Right now, the raffle prize is a full refund on your registration.

Later, they're going to let me raffle off taking a reader to Oceana for a fancy New Orleans dinner, but that's not as cool as a free registration, so I totally understand if you want to jump in on this early. You can register HERE.

Also, check out the list of attending authors. There are so many huge names that I'm going to be in full fangirl mode the whole time.

I also highly recommend signing up for the con's newsletter and following them on social media, because there are going to be a lot more giveaways going on before the con.
I am so excited to do another event in New Orleans! I went to RT back in 2014, and aside from the joy of hanging out with readers and authors, I loved that city so much. And the food was so good I cried. Probably why my raffle prize is literally food, lol.


One Bite Per Night is still on sale for 69 cents, so if you didn't have a chance to get it, grab it now!

In other book news, I passed the halfway mark of Hearts of Metal Book 7. I might actually beat my deadline this time and be able to squeeze in time to get the next Brides of Prophecy book written before it's time to start the first book in the shiny new, SECRET series!


So I had a disaster followed by a miracle. My four year old Toshiba laptop started falling apart. Literally. The keyboard was held in by a piece of cardboard, and cracks started forming in the chassis. Even the corner BROKE OFF!

I was terrified that it would die before I could save up for a new one. Thankfully, between donations from friends and readers, selling huckleberries to grandma and getting extra assignments from the day job, I was able to get a new one.
I am in tears of gratitude for all the help.

Here is my new work machine.

Here's hoping this one lasts me at least four years as well!
And now I need to put it work and get some writing done!
Until next time,
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