Sunday, October 20, 2013

On Self- Rewards

Sometimes getting important things done, whether it's writing that next chapter or rewriting a scene, or even simple line edits can be. Sometimes I need extra motivation to finish a writing goal.

Thankfully, I am very susceptible to bribery. And since no one's going to bribe me to get my writing done, I have to bribe myself.

For small goals like a scene or a minor bout of editing, I usually reward myself with a nice snack and listen to music. Megadeth never gets old. :)

The bigger ones, like a whole chapter or mass edits merit something larger, like a movie and a favorite meal. If I finish a marathon writing session one of my favorite self-rewards is going to WINGSTOP and getting the garlic parmesan wings.

Ah, the taste of a job well done.
  Then I take my wings home and veg out on the couch and watch a completely guilty-pleasure kinda movie, like a chick flick or a campy B-horror film.

Time to get my Freddy on.
Finishing a project calls for big time rewards, like indulging on what makes me a writer in the first place: My love of books.

Next on my list.
I also like to hang out with all the friends I didn't get to see while hiding out in my writing cave.

Or maybe doing some karaoke.

In any case, I have a lot of things to motivate me.

What do you do to inspire your productivity? What are your favorite treats?

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