Monday, February 15, 2010

Honest Scrap: Blog Award

The awesome J. Koyagni just passed on this blog award to me with instruction to state 10 little-known facts about me and then pass it on to 6 other here I go.

1.) I am afraid of clowns and zealots... especially zealots. People have done a lot of awful things in the name of their god. i.e Burning people at the stake, Bombing innocent people, forcing people to drink poison, Molesting children, and refusing needed medical care to children, etc.

2.) I was an automotive technician for a few years. In fact, that is the field in which I received my Associate's degree.

3.) My son was born on 9/11. My water broke the same time the first plane hit.....creepy.

4.) I LOVE B-horror movies. The Subspecies movies, Army of Darkness, and Night of The Demons are my faves. I think the old-school latex work is so much better than computer generated gore.

5.) I used to be more of an artist than a writer. I took 4 years of advanced art classes in high school and was accepted to a very prestigious art college, but I couldn't afford to go, even with financial aid. I still paint, but not as much since motherhood ensnared me.

6.) I love to sing and dance. Though I took choir in high school, I'd get booted off American Idol in a heartbeat. So I do Karaoke instead. I get the words and basic melody right and I put on a show, so drunk people think I sound awesome. I have fans.

7.) I have way more male friends than female friends. I think it is because I know more about "manly" things like hunting, fishing, and working on cars, than I do about "feminine" things like hair and brand name clothing. I'm also more direct about things than the usual woman.

8.) I hate the color yellow. I don't know why, it just offends me visually. Maybe it's genetic. My mom hated yellow too.

9.)I have lived in North Idaho all my life and have had little opportunity to travel. The few places I've visited have reinforced my love for my own town. Holy crap, the mountains in Utah are naked!

10.) I grew up in a haunted house. Even people who didn't believe in that sort of thing would unconciously hurry past a certain area. After my parents got divorced, my mom moved out of the master bedroom downstairs and moved to a tiny room upstairs. She avoided going downstairs at all costs. If she wanted something, she'd stand on the landing and yell for us.

There! Now I shall pass this award on to some fellow bloggers:

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Now you guys get to copy this award and paste it to your blog, post 10 facts about you and pass the award on to others.


  1. Awww. Thanks!! :) I'm going to bask, as they say. You know Army of Darkness is one of my favorites. It's sparked a lifelong infatuation with Bruce Campbell. You have excellent taste!

  2. Thank you so much! How very kind of you! I'm actually getting ready to blog about awards, too. So thoughtful of you. And congrats on your own award.

    And how eerie that your son was born when he was. Wow! This is definitely not a day you'll ever forget. ... So great to learn about you. Yellow is not exactly my favorite either, except I grew up thinking it was because my sister said I wasn't allowed to like pink, because it was her favorite color. So I liked pink in secret.

  3. Thanks so much for the blog award! Interesting facts you posted. I enjoyed learning more about you!

    It's nice to hear something so nice happened on 9/11.

  4. Congratulations on this award. B-horror movies rock.

  5. Congrats on your award! :-)

    I tend to get along better with men too...just not good at chatting much about "girly" things (except my nails, of course LOL).

    And growing up in a haunted house - how freaky (and cool). Did you ever find out who was haunting it and/or why?

    I'll have to go check out all of your award recipients now. :-)

  6. Wow girl. Interesting stuff. I'm deathly afraid of clowns too!

    I was also in choir! Haunted house - no way could I last 5 seconds!!! You are brave ;o) Congrats on the award :o)