Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cover reveal for Tempting Beat and Mini RT Recap.

Oh my goodness, I've had an exciting and busy week. I just got back from the RT Booklover's Convention. RT Magazine is closing its doors and that was the last RT convention. ...But what about the talk about New Orleans next year? Don't worry, I have the info!
But first, let me say that I managed to finish my edits when I got home and turn in Tempting Beat!
Here's the cover!
As his bandmates in Bleeding Vengeance start settling down, drummer Roderick Powell wonders if his sexy neighbor might be the cure for what ails him, but Gwen seems immune to all of Rod's charms.
Tempting Beat comes out on June 12th!
It's up for pre-order on the Boroughs website HERE and should be up at the other vendors next week.
Anyway, back to the RT gossip. Yes, it will no longer be RT. Instead, Jo Carol is taking over and it will now be the Booklover's Convention. 
There's already a website and you can sign up for updates on the convention HERE.
The usual big names will be there, like Christine Feehan, Sylvia Day, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jill Shalvis, Shayla Black, Lexi Blake, Karen Rose and RaeAnne Thayne, Heather Graham, Rebecca Zanetti...
AND JR WARD!!!!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!! Sorry, I'm a superfan, lol.
I will also be there because NEW ORLEANS! 
Other good news: Registrations will be cheaper and the convention will be shorter. 3-4 days instead of RT's long 7 days. For those of us on a budget, a whole week is tough. Not to mention that it's hard to keep up with all the excitement that happens in a whole week. 
Soooo many pictures to share from this one. I had a blast at the 60's/70's party, rocking my bell bottoms, participated in two author parties in which I raffled off some amazing goodies, sat on a panel, and signed a lot of books.
I also made some new friends, whose books I'll be raving over soon, had some hilarious silly times. Like when I encountered this fantastic blogger who was handing out penis candies and another author was in hysterics when hers stuck to her plate, danced for my first time in over a decade, ended up on the local news in my pajamas, the list goes on.
I also got a pic with some of the RT roadies because they don't get enough credit. 
The 12 hour drive was exhausting, but gorgeous. We drove through a trippy desert storm in northern Nevada.

Anyway, I'm in for months of being busy. I have the next Hearts of Metal book to write, a brand new, totally secret series to work on, and so much more!
Next week I should have the pre-order links to the other e-book stores for Tempting Beat!
Until next week,
Brooklyn Ann

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