Thursday, June 5, 2014

RT RECAP Part 3: Day 3... The Man-Candy and Food Porn Edition

After staying up so late on Thursday, I slept in on Friday. Jess and I had a quick breakfast before she went to some agent and editor pitches, which I'm proud to say, landed her a ton of requests for her new exciting project... which unfortunately I can't tell you about.

So I went back to pursuing one of my primary goals of the conference: meeting people. I ended up running into a few agents and editors myself, including Margaret Bail, who used to be one of my critique partners ages ago and is now an agent. It was a blast to meet her in person. Somehow I ended up with a few requests for my metal romance. I also got to see my local RWA chapter buddy, Rebecca Zanetti.

And now for another crazy fan-girl moment: Just as I was heading up to an awesome panel on vampires, I ran into Shana Galen again... and of course I didn't have the book I wanted her to sign... and she was on her way out the door to leave!! Eeek!  But, she graciously waited while I raced up to my hotel room and signed it for me and gave me a hug. Fan-girl squee!!

So I ended up late to Jess's panel but I still got to participate in plenty of the fun and I got to meet Caridad Pinero! On our way back to our room we shared an elevator with Charlaine Harris, which was totally sweet.
Jess and I had a quick lunch. Daisy Dukes was full so we went next door to another place that was pretty good too. I had shrimp n' grits again.

We did a bit of sight-seeing and picked up more hard cider before going to an awesome Avon book signing. Among the highlights were Jess getting to meet Kim Harrison and I got to meet Janine Frost and Lisa Kleypas. Lisa loved the title of BITE ME, YOUR GRACE so much she had me write it on a napkin for her. (I'd run out of business cards). 

After the signing we joined Paige Prince, Elise Hepner, Charity Hendry, Jackie Morgan and Casey Harris Parks for dinner at the Palace Cafe. 

And now it's time for some food porn. I had turtle soup which turned out to taste like chili with elk burger. I'd expected turtle to taste like calimari or something. I also had blue crab claws which were tiny, but delicious. And then I had creme brulee for my first time. OMG, heaven in my mouth. Aside from the excellent food, we had a wonderful time discussing crazy stories about our craft and the industry.

I'd thought that we were then going to attend the RT party of the night, but instead some dude dressed up in a police uniform gathered us up and escorted us down Bourbon Street to a bar called OZ. On the walk I met book reviewer, Jo Lacey Wood who turned out to be a fellow Megadeth fan. We sang "Sweating Bullets" on our way there. 

Then we sat at the bar and talked books and watched everyone dance. I also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with 2 charming actors: Zac Bostrom and Eric Carpenter. I told them that they should totally be cover models. 

"People keep telling us that," they replied.

Gee, I wonder why.

And then the stripper showed up. It was my first male stripper. Needless to say, I was delightfully amused by his outrageous costume and antics. The guy was even doing ballet poses. I was only able to get pictures of him from the back view, but due to the PG-13 rating on my blog, maybe that's for the best. 2 more strippers arrived and though they were nice eye candy, the first guy eclipsed them with his funky craziness.

You guys won't believe how he looked from the front.

Sara Humphreys showed up and bought me a drink. ::Fan girl squee:: We chatted a bit and showed off our muscles (hers from working out, mine from turning wrenches). 

Then the noise became too much for Jess and I and we went back to the hotel. I hung out in the lobby with a few more nifty people and got a few hooked on hard cider. I then finally got to hang out a bit with my other fellow RWA chapter buddy, Shoshanna Evers. We had so much fun talking about the convention that I tripped over a palm tree when walking her back to her hotel. She was really worried but I turned out okay.

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