Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Emerging From the Editing Cave and Sharing News

What happened...

So I got a lot done in the last couple weeks. First off, I finished the monster-expansion project on HIS ROADIE, my first heavy metal romance romance novel.

So please, cross your fingers for me and join me in hoping that the interested publisher picks it up!

Second, I also finished polishing up IRONIC SACRIFICE, book 2 in my urban fantasy romance series, "Brides of Prophecy." I really think this is my best work, but we'll wait for my next batch of beta readers to knock me down a peg and make it even better.

Third, WRENCHING FATE just got its first review up on Amazon and Goodreads and not only was it a raving, five star review, it was from someone I don't know, so they were definitely serious!!! This made my day.

Here's the link!

I also purchased the Domain for my editing service, GRAMMAR SMITH EDITING. The Website is under construction, but if you want to know my rates, send me an email.

What's going to happen...

ARCs will be arriving in a couple weeks for my 2nd historical paranormal romance, ONE BITE PER NIGHT!!! I can't Freakin' wait!!!

I'll be putting up my website for my editing service.

I'll be revising Book 3, BITE AT FIRST SIGHT before passing it on to madam editor.

I was invited to submit a short story to an anthology with a heavy metal theme. Well, it just so happens that I have one! A few years back I wrote a short story about a teenage metal band in a haunted church and it took first place in the Idaho Writer's League's annual contest. So I'm gonna polish it up and make it more metal and see how that goes. The deadline's not until November, so I have lots of room to play.

I'll be starting Book 3 in my Brides of Prophecy series. So far, I don't have a title for that.

So as you can see, Spring is kicking off hella busy! 

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