Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Around 18 months ago, when I signed my 1st publishing contract, I'd anticipated this day... though it never felt truly real in my mind if that makes any sense.  After seeing the cover, working on edits and writing the next two books, it still didn't feel real.

I got my ARCs in and cried a little, so afraid it was a dream.

Then the advanced reviews began trickling in. Publisher's Weekly AND RT Book Reviews featured it. Somehow that made the realness even more tenuous.

More reviews came in and my publicist (it still feels crazy saying "my publicist") and I shared many emails about my book signing and my virtual tour, which kicks off today.

I got an agent for future projects...the same day as I received my editorial notes for Book 2. And I'm close to finishing book 3. I think they keep you busy at this time to keep you from going crazy.

Now the reviews are POURING in and BITE ME, YOUR GRACE is out in the wild! My friend and I are going to go look at it on the shelf as we prepare for my release party. Maybe then it will feel real. :)

For now, here's where I'll be for my virtual tour. Be sure to stop by these amazing sites, for there will be tons of chances to win a copy of BITE ME, YOUR GRACE!

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