Monday, April 19, 2010

Making use of Rejection.

So, those keeping up with my news know that I have been floating on cloud 9 lately with all the partial and full requests I've been getting for my manuscript.
So, here's the latest development. I recently received another request from a much-desired agent. We exchanged a lovely email conversation back and forth. She sounded very excited about my work. I was breathless with excitement, thinking that this might be THE ONE.

A week later I have a message from her in my inbox. I'm thinking, "this is it!" because many of the stories say the agent read it quickly and fell in love.

Alas, it was the dreaded R, not only that, but it was my first R on a full. She was very sincere and kind. She sounded almost as disappointed as I was. Some comments were helpful, and some were vague.

After a moment of self pity, I was able to find some cheer in this tragic event. I have gone a step further in this crazy publishing game and I have learned a few new things as well as been reminded of others.

1.) The rejection rate is still pretty high on full manuscripts. Hell, I'll bet it's still high on agented manuscripts with publishers.

2.) Agents are like every other book lover. Their tastes vary.

3.) My book may still not be ready.

And finally,
4.) A writer should have a backup plan in case all fulls are rejected.

And here is mine:
As I have a few more fulls out with other lovely awesome agents, I will wait as patiently as possible to hear back from them.
If they all pass on it, I will not cry. I will send it out to another group of betas and give it another overhaul. Then I will query a fresh batch of agents and get back in the game. I feel that this novel is close. And if it fails, I'll just have to start over and write another one!


  1. Sorry about the rejection, I think your ideas sound like good ones. Hey, at least you have some fulls out there soon, that's great news, obviously you have something good there (I know you do) All good signs, it will come soon ;o)

    Keep up the good attitude!

  2. Keep up your positive attitude and remember that tastes are very subjective. If you start getting similar feedback from other agents, you might have a problem with the manuscript, but it might also be that no matter how much you liked this agent, she simply wasn't the right one for you.

  3. Aww, thanks! I agree. One of her comments, though helpful, seemed to hint that her idea of the book was different than mine. Not in a bad way, just different.

    The other agents with my stuff rock, too. I'm hard pressed to pick my fave as of now.

  4. Keep at it. Tastes in books do tend to vary, but there is also an element of timing and a bit of kismet. Having the right product and the right fit is important. Don't give up!

  5. Sorry about that - but sounds like it was a good experience, overall, as far as rejections go. And you've got a plan, and patience, and plenty more books to write.

    So yeah, you're doing just fine. Kudos for your professional attitude. :-)

  6. Sorry about the R. But your plan is excellent. Keep looking forward, and be ready to revise to make the MS even more awesome. Good luck, and fingers crossed on those other fulls!

  7. Very wise advice! Never give up!

  8. Sorry about the R. I know how you feel and think you rock! Put your plan in action and keep moving!

  9. Kudos to being positive. Some people become dejected and angry after rejection.

    I was the same way, writing new things, querying, never giving up.