Thursday, September 16, 2021

Her Halloween Party is on Kindle early, print books for sale, and whispers about audiobooks



Her Halloween Party is on kindle EARLY! 

You can get it here. 

If your E-reader does EPubs, you can also get it on Smashwords

Here's the blurb:


Bookish, broken yet beautiful, Amelia Craven is trapped. Trapped by controlling best friend Tiffany, trapped dating shallow guys, and trapped into joining Amteep university’s only sorority, the Omega Pis. But things go from bad to worse when she discovers the final initiation for pledges involves spending Halloween night inside the infamous Raimi House – a dark hell hole of macabre deaths and tales of demonic possession.

The only saving grace: she’ll get to share it with her secret crush, Guillermo Romero, and being there together is the only way she'll tell him how she truly feels. That is if they can survive the night inside the most haunted house in town.

A love-song homage to Eighties classic horror films, this rollercoaster ride is filled with scares, guts and gore – plus a true romance that might be the one thing that will be their salvation.

I'll be getting print copies in early October too, along with a few copies of the first three books. 

Other Print Copies For Sale:

My Hearts of Metal books are $10 plus shipping, except for Metal and Mistletoe, which is $7 plus shipping.

Brides of Prophecy books are $12 plus shipping. Go to the Contact form on my Website if you're interested. I will sign and personalize all books! 

Other Book News:

As many of you know, none of my books are available in audio. I REALLY want to change that. But there are several challenges I face. The first is cost. Yes, I could sign up with a royalty share program, but I've heard horror stories of too many authors having their rights tied up for a decade, so I'd really rather hire a narrator. I have a few possible ideas of raising the funds, but to do so, I will have to learn just how much is needed.

Coincidentally, the first step is finding a narrator. This is where I need YOUR help, if you do listen to audiobooks. You see, I don't listen to audiobooks. Something about my attention span wanders with them. Because of that, I don't know how to identify a good narrator.

So I am asking a HUGE favor to you audio-readers: Please reply to this email with some of your favorite INDIE book narrators. Not narrators for books published with the big houses because even if they aren't already contracted out to those publishers, there's no way I could afford their rates. Besides, I'd rather give a talented unknown the work.

Once I get a few suggestions, I'll look up those narrators and their rates. Then comes the step of figuring out how to raise the money. 

The fun part will be having some of you help me audition narrators!

I also want to know which book I should first focus on getting an audio release. Unfortunately my choices are somewhat limited, but I gotta start somewhere! 

Next time will be my big release day announcement for Her Halloween Party in print and the other platforms. I'll also have some really cool bookmarks!

Thank you again for being one of my readers!

Virtual Hugs!

-Brooklyn A.


Series by Brooklyn Ann

B Mine

(Horror Romance)




HER HALLOWEEN PARTY (September 2021)


Brides of Prophecy

(Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy) 

Also don't need to be read in order until book 5...kinda

Prequel: Tesemini (Free)

Wrenching Fate (Free)

Ironic Sacrifice

Conjuring Destiny

Unleashing Desire

Pleading Rapture

Melding Souls

Reclaiming the Magic

Leaving the Shadows 


Hearts of Metal

(Contemporary Romance)

Standalones that intertwine

Kissing Vicious

With Vengeance

Rock God

Metal and Mistletoe

Forbidden Song 

Tempting Beat

Heart Throb


Scandals With Bite

(Regency paranormal romance)

Books do not need to be read in order

Bite Me, Your Grace

One Bite Per Night

Bite at First Sight

His Ruthless Bite

Wynter's Bite

The Highwayman's Bite



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