Thursday, April 4, 2019

Melding Souls is available on paperback!

Sorry for the belated announcement, lots of personal stuff going on with the homefront.
Anyway, Melding Souls (Brides of Prophecy 6) is finally available on paperback. Right now, it's only on Amazon, however, it should be up at The Book Depository and at Walmart soon. Also, you can have your local bookstore or library order it.

New Series update:
I just finished developmental edits of HIS FINAL GIRL, (B-Mine, series, book 1,) and turned the manuscript in to my publisher.
If you missed that announcement and cover reveal, it's up on my blog!
The release day, April 25th is coming quick. 
I had to put a description on the Coming Soon page of my website, so here's the temporary blurb:
The year is 1978. Amteep High School has a hallowed tradition of having the school’s senior class attend two weeks of summer camp to instill school spirit. Eighteen-year old Linnea Langenkamp is not thrilled to attend. She’d rather stay and help her family’s cattle farm stay afloat. Linnea takes comfort in that at least a few of her friends are at camp. Plus, there’s something intriguing about the tall, new guy who darts her shy glances between playing his handheld electronic game.
Nineteen-year old Wes Carpenter is equally dismayed to abandon his beloved Radio Shack TRS-80 computer and his Atari to pretty much start school early. His only respite from the asthma-triggering camp activities is the intriguing farm girl, Linnea. Instead of mocking Wes’s awkwardness and lack of woodsy experience, Linnea teaches him all she knows about the forestland she grew up in while also inquiring about his knowledge of technology. The exchange of skills warms Wes almost as much as Linnea’s smile.
But Linnea and Wes’s blooming romance is interrupted when the bridge to the camp mysteriously collapses and a masked killer begins picking off campers one by one. With Wes’s ingenuity and Linnea’s knowledge of the forest, together they may be able to stop the killer, save the camp and maybe even find love on the way.
Next newsletter, I'll have an excerpt and maybe a giveaway! 
Once more, thank you so much for being one of my readers. I couldn't do this without you!
Brooklyn Ann

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