Monday, January 2, 2017

My Goals for 2017

Happy New Year, everyone!

Now's the time to document my goals for the year. I met most of last year's goals, so I'm fairly optimistic about most of these, daunting as they are. I intend for this year to be my most ambitious, writing-wise. I usually average 3 books a year for writing. Last year, I wrote 2 1/2 novels and one novella. This year, my goal is to write four books.

So without further ado, this is my agenda, most items with plans on how to accomplish each goal.

1.) Write thirty thousand words a month.

I don't have a pic of me writing, so here's The Hound and Freddy Krueger battling on my desk.

How will I do this?
Come up with a weekly schedule. I seem to do well with to-do lists.
Learn how to outline books. 
Currently I'm reading Save the Cat and then I'm going to check out another author's "beat sheet."
I will also schedule things like my time on social media to avoid distractions.

2.) Quit smoking

How will I do this?

My first step was to not smoke in my new car, so that I'm breaking one aspect of the habit. Next, I'll buy an e-cig and start substituting for real cigs on Saturday, Jan 7th. First it will be every other cigarette, then it will be more.

3.) Quit day job.

These will be my full time work clothes.

How will I do this?

Aside from my existing savings, part of it is my plan to produce more books, another part is the other part time job I took and part of it is...

4.) Implement a marketing plan/ schedule/ set aside funds to do so

How will I do this?

First off, I'm going to get very familiar with Google Calendar and use it religiously. Secondly, Bonnie Paulson has some amazing courses at and I'm going to take them.

5.) Get Little Beast back on the road

She's actually further along than this, I just haven't taken a pic in awhile.

My poor Datsun has been languishing in pieces for far too long.

How will I do this?

I already have the tools and parts. All I need to do is eke out the time.

6.)  Spend more quality time with my son

He's usually not this dapper, but oh well.

My baby boy is leaving the nest soon. He's taking driver's ed this year and we already have a truck for him. It just needs the right engine in it. We can do that together.

7.) Remember to do nice things for my boyfriend.

This man is so good to me that I don't want to lose him, so I'm making it a priority to remember to not get so lost in my work that I neglect him. It'll probably be little things like cooking him nice meals, helping him with his dishes and laundry, and giving him backrubs, but I hope it works.

Books planned:


Hearts of Metal 5
Brides of Prophecy 5
Scandals With Bite 6
Blackwood 1. (This one's a secret.)

Release Schedule:

Scandals With Bite 5
Hearts of Metal 5
Brides of Prophecy 5
Scandals With Bite 6

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