Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cover Reveal and Release Date for KISSING VICIOUS!!

Hello everyone!

Remember back in May when I posted about my 3 Book Deal with Borough's Publishing for my heavy metal romance series? Well, book ONE already has a cover, a new title, and a RELEASE DATE!

I joyfully present to you all, KISSING VICIOUS!

Here's the blurb:

Kinley Black's dream comes true when an interview with her favorite band turns into an opportunity to become a roadie. She is determined to out-man the rest of the road crew who scorn her presence. But it's hard to be manly when the sight of the lead singer strikes chords of desire within her.

Quinn Mayne, lead singer of Vishӧus, is furious when the road manager hires a woman to haul their gear. Taking such a beauty on the road is like dangling meat over a pack of feral hounds. However, threat of a discrimination lawsuit leaves him no choice. Despite his reluctance, he can't help being impressed by his new roadie's determination any more than he can suppress his urge to protect her... or his craving for her lush lips.

Combating the advances and animosity of her coworkers, Kinley's talent and skill earns the band's regard... and more heated glances from Quinn. When she is promoted to guitar tech, one roadie's resentment grows until he goes to deadly lengths to stop her. As her foray into the male dominated world of heavy metal deepens, Kinley learns that she has to do more than protect her heart, she has to protect her life. 

And it's coming out on AUGUST 21st!!! 

I'll post pre-order links as soon as they're up! 

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