Thursday, July 26, 2012

My experience working with an editor.

This weekend I've been working with my editor on BITE ME, YOUR GRACE. On Sunday, she called me around midnight her time.

I'm all, "Wow, you're up late!"
She replies, "Well, I'm reading the most awesome book."
I'm about to say, "Oh yeah, I totally know how that is..." Then I discovered that she was talking about MY BOOK!

WOW, working with a professional editor is AMAZING! At first I was petrified at the intimidating prospect of one of the top romance editors in the country scrutinizing my work. I thought she was going to hate it. But she didn't. In fact, it was almost like talking with my critique partners. She had genius suggestions to make the book its very best. And when I disagreed with something, she didn't get grumpy. Instead we brainstormed together until we came upon a solution we both liked. And it was AWESOME!

I cannot believe how incredible it is to have a professional in the industry who loves my book, believes in it, and is on my side to help me make it shine.

Time zone differences can be tricky, though. :)

Anyway, I can't wait to meet her in person and give her a big hug!

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