Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Juggling Writing and the Holiday Season

From Thanksgiving on, writing has been difficult for many reasons: Christmas preparation, holiday parties, wrapping up 2010, the stress of the season, and the kids being home on Christmas break. Besides summer vacation, this is the hardest time of year to get anything done. So far to get snippets of work done I've employed these methods:

1.) Send the household away and indulge in a writeathon. I pulled it off once but the forces of the universe are conspiring to prevent another opportunity.

2.) Achieve little snippets of writing amidst the chaos. I have a sneaking suspicion that many of said snippets will be cut during the rewrite.

3.) Scribble down notes between gift wrapping/ baking/ etc. Little actual writing gets done, but I feel like I've done at least something.

4.) Give up until the New Year and focus on family and holidays. I've been leaning this way, but this WIP keeps calling to me.

How are the rest of you handling the chaos? Especially you moms and dads? I'm desperate for more tips.

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