Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"My Journey" featuring

In honor of twitter's #WriterWednesday, I am starting a new feature with this blog. My Journey will focus on paranormal authors and how they got into the genre and the wild world of publishing. Today I would like to welcome author, Beth Ann Masarik. 

My name is Beth Ann Masarik, and I am 26 years old.  I live in New York, the publishing capital of America.  I primarily write urban fantasy/romance stories, though I will be slowly branching out into the sci fi world with my next novel.  I first got into the genre, when I started reading the Harry Potter books, and fell in love with them.  I fell in love with fantasy-romance when I read the Night World series by L.J. Smith.  She paints such a wonderful picture, and I decided that I wanted to model my writing around her.  

I found my publisher, Otherworld, through an ad on facebook, and took a chance by sending them in a query letter.  They have been wonderful so far, and I have heard of nothing but good things about them.  
I currently have a short story published in the AugnoWrimo anthology called Milestone.  It's a short story anthology with about thirty other authors.  I have received some great reviews for my short story, Murderous Regrets, which is a The World Among Us short story.  

Currently, my contract with Otherworld Publications is for my novel, The World Among Us.

The World Among Us, is an Urban Fantasy Romance story about the Greek moon goddess Selene Aysel.  Selene is one of Gaia’s grandchildren, and is the main victim of Hade’s evil plot.  Gaia is the creator of the world, and all the creatures that live in it.  Hades wants to take over and remove Gaia from power.  To do so, he sends his only son Damien to do a horrible task, one that Damien regrets doing later on.  As the result of Hades’ mission for Damien, a prophecy is made that will aid the gods and goddesses in the final battle.
Will the gods and goddesses be willing to work with some of the rogue vampires and demons who want to turn good, and bring down Hades?  Or is the world as we know it doomed to fall under dark shadows forever?

The World Among Us is a series with at least two books, and possibly a few novellas and some more short stories.  I am plotting out my next big novel called The Adventures of Clockgirl, in which I create my own world, and is about a girl who goes undercover as a super hero to help save the world.

Thanks so much for joining us today, Beth! Your series sounds like a lot of fun. Readers can follow Beth’s website here, and follow her on twitter as @theworldamongus

If any paranormal romance/ urban fantasy authors would like to be featured here, please email me at annarkie12@gmail.com


  1. Awesome. Thanks for this. Love hearing about this stuff!! Thanks!!

  2. LOL, Beth! My husband's name is Damian.
    Again, thanks for coming today!

  3. Great post! The book sounds really interesting ;o)

  4. Thanks a lot for the comment Erica :)

    Brooklyn; Lol that's really funny! I've just always loved the name. If I ever had kids, I'll probably name the son Damien lol.