Monday, March 16, 2020

Book discount, Isolation tips, and another book from Suntup!

Happy Monday, everyone! 
I hope you all are holding up well in the midst of the current insanity. To cheer everyone up, I thought I'd remind you all of a discounted book I have. The first book in my Hearts of Metal series, KISSING VICIOUS, is only 99 cents.  
It's about an aspiring guitarist and heavy metal blogger who gets the chance to be a roadie for her favorite band. Unfortunately, the lead singer is her biggest crush, so navigating romance with working dynamics is a challenge for them both.

Book Recommendation: You know that publisher of the fancy books that I like to collect?
Suntup is doing Farenheit 451! It looks incredible. I'll have to wait until payday before I get to order this edition, but it's gorgeous! 

Isolation tips:

As someone with agoraphobia and PTSD and who works from home, I spend almost all my time isolated, so I figured I could offer some tips.
1.) Books and movies.
I know that sounds obvious, but sometimes people, including myself, keep scrolling through social media and mindlessly internet browse, forgetting all about the joys of curling up with a good book or a movie.
2.) Resurrect beloved hobbies
Remember how you used to do crafts, or scrapbook, or tinker with inventions, or paint...ect? Time to pick that back up! I'm going to do another scratchboard for sure. I also want to try to do a painting or start another quilt. Oh, and I LOVED jigsaw puzzles. Maybe I can do the ones I got as gifts and never had the time to start.
3.) Big home projects you never had time for. 
At Kent's house, we have about 167 of those. I also STILL need to polish the wheels I got for my my B-day.
4.) Hang out with friends remotely.
Those of you who see the acknowledgements in my books know that I'm in a group that watches bad movies together online. We use an app called KAST for that. We get to stream a movie for each other and chat in the sidebar. It's pretty much my only social life. 
Due to current events, I'm not going to be getting much work from the day job, so money will be tight. I was going to get another tooth fixed next month, but I'll probably have to cancel that. 
At least that means I'll have more writing time, so I'll be focusing on finishing up RECLAIMING THE MAGIC, and then writing the next book in the B MINE series. 
For happy news, one of my close friends custom made me a doll of one of my favorite horror movie characters: Angela from Night of the Demons. I LOVE HER!
Yeah, yeah, I know my spooky stuff isn't up everyone's alley, but it makes me happy. 
Book News. It's been 3 weeks since I turned in HIS SCREAM QUEEN, so I should be getting my developmental edits back any day. And maybe my cover? I swear, I am cursed with this one when it comes to having to wait for the cover.
Until next time, BIG HUGS! 
-Brooklyn A.

Series by Brooklyn Ann
B Mine
(Horror Romance)
HIS SCREAM QUEEN (Spring, 2020)
Brides of Prophecy
(Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy) 
Also don't need to be read in order until book 5...kinda
Prequel: Tesemini (Free)
Hearts of Metal
(Contemporary Romance)
Standalones that intertwine

Scandals With Bite
(Regency paranormal romance)
Books do not need to be read in order

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