Saturday, August 24, 2019


Hey everyone! 
I had and awesome birthday and got the coolest birthday card from reader, Ellie!
It's a box with Kent's and my 4 cats on the outside and a top hat on top and then it opens to reveal this amazing cake and beautiful writer-themed notes!
In other birthday fun, my son got me a cool 8-bit Stranger Things T-shirt and a Tim Curry Pennywise action figure. Kent got me the original aluminum wheels for my Honda Fit, and my brother got me an autographed pic of PJ Soles from the original HALLOWEEN! 
And then, as a present to myself, I got the limited artist's goft edition of Joe Hill's Horns. It's signed by Joe and the artist who did this amazing cover. I think it's the most beautiful book I've ever owned.
If you get a chance, I definitely recommend Horns. It's a great read.
I finished book 2 in the B Mine series, and to celebrate, I'm giving away a signed copy of book one, His Final Girl, and a B Mine notebook! I've embedded the link to the tweet below so it's easy to find it.

What's next in book news?
Her Haunted Heart comes out October 8th, then I want to try to start the next Brides of Prophecy book. Life got in the way and so that one keeps getting delayed. I also need to start the next B Mine book which will be set in 1984 and will be... PROM THEMED, lol. 
Next week, I'll draw a winner for His Final Girl and then probably have a giveaway for either a signed Brides of Prophecy or Hearts of Metal book. 
Until then,
-Brooklyn Ann

Series by Brooklyn Ann
B Mine
(Horror Romance)
HER HAUNTED HEART (October, 2019)
HIS SCREAM QUEEN (Spring, 2020)
Brides of Prophecy
(Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy) 
Also don't need to be read in order until book 5...kinda
Prequel: Tesemini (Free)
Hearts of Metal
(Contemporary Romance)
Standalones that intertwine

Scandals With Bite
(Regency paranormal romance)
Books do not need to be read in order

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