Thursday, May 2, 2019

His Final Girl is on paperback!

My horror romance, HIS FINAL GIRL is available on paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Another way to get it is to ask your local bookstore or your library to order it.
Also, the book got its first review and it's amazeballs! 
"Do you enjoy fun cheesy 80s movies with summer camps, teens, and something in the woods? Do you like it when the heroes are a little more real and the sparks of romance and love can be felt? Oh, and do you love winks and nods to 80s horror films? HIS FINAL GIRL is a super-fun, romantic, horror-filled romp set in the early 80s at a summer camp. This tale drips with nostalgia for summer campers, movie watchers, and the children of the 80s. It is unique, familiar, risky, and a must read.

I bought this book with some trepidation because I don’t normally read romance books, but I love horror novels and movies. I don’t mind romance and a good love story is always welcome, but in a horror film or book this doesn’t always end well. In horror movies (like slashers) there’s usually just a final person (most often a woman) who survives (at least until the last-second jump-scare in some cases). In this case, well, it’s a steamy romance book too. How do 99% of romance books end?

Also, the romantic male-lead isn’t a roguish rake, he’s an every-man with flaws and even kind of nerdy. There’s nothing to hate about him. In fact, both leads are extremely likable. Easy to love and root for.

Now, about the horror references. Some are obvious. The main male character Wes Carpenter is an obvious nod to Wes Craven and John Carpenter (amazing horror directors). Linnea Langenkamp is a mashup of Linnea Quigley and Heather Langenkamp (an awesome Scream Queen and a great final girl). The references don’t stop there. You’ll see jocks in half-shirts and short shorts. You’ll see pulled up striped tube socks. Let’s just say you’ll see a lot. I often found myself wondering “I wonder if this is a reference to...” when I started out, but then I got into the story more and ignored the references.

I keep saying “you’ll see” because this book feels like a great popcorn-and-soda film. After everyone got to camp, I was lost in it. It felt like I was sitting on my couch, munching popcorn, and enjoying the show. This doesn’t happen often with books for me, but when it does, it’s a bit of a mind twist. Effortless reading with moving brain pictures. This NEEDS to be an an audiobook. Hell, it eventually needs to be a great throwback movie.

Yes, this would make an “Unrated” or XXX movie (for hot sex and bloody, Tom Savini-esque violence) as written, but it could work as an R or even a—with crafty editing—PG-13 film...but if a PG-13 cut was made, I’m sure the author would want an over-the-top director’s unrated splatterific cut too. It’s interesting to read well-written romantic and hot sex-scenes in a horror book. It isn’t unheard of, but they’re often not this well done (even Stephen King’s make me cringe a little). These felt almost as if Stephanie Laurens decided to write a horror novel.

And the best part, this is going to be part of a series of horror romance books that Brooklyn Ann is calling “B Mine.” I don’t know what her plans are exactly, but I’m excited about this. This book deserves to be a number-one best seller, but I’ll be happy if it become the cult classic that it is."
Now that the move is done, I'm going back to watching haunted house movies because that's the subject of B Mine, Book 2!
But I also need to focus on unpacking, preparing for Book Lover's Con in TWELVE DAYS, writing my next book, and doing my best to make my work known to readers. You all help me with that soooo much when you add my books to your TBR lists and those of you who share my releases on social media. I say this a lot, but I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! 

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