Friday, April 26, 2019

My Summer Camp Slasher Romance is HERE!

It's here! His Final Girl, the first book in my horror romance series, "B Mine" is out in the wild!
You can get it on:
The paperback should be available soon too! 
Read an excerpt
I'm all packed for the move and almost done cleaning the old place. Soon I will have some lovely pictures of my new home to show off.
I'm also getting ready for the big convention and signing in New Orleans in May. If you're in the area and come to the signing, you'll get a FREE notebook with your signed copy of HIS FINAL GIRL.
As someone who doesn't have a fortune to spend on ads and stuff, I depend on readers to help me with visibility. I would be eternally grateful if you add HIS FINAL GIRL to your TBR on GoodreadsAmazon, or Bookbub
Again, thank you so much for being one of my readers.
Brooklyn Ann

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