Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Review of 2018 Goals and onto 2019 Goals

Well, I was supposed to go over last year's goals and document my new ones last week, but I was too busy writing instead of slacking for once.

So here we go:

Last year's goals:

#1: Create a schedule:

I started out amazingly with this one. I got the My Shining Year Planner by Leonie Dawson, along with an hourly planner and kicked ass. ....Until I started Chantix. Then everything fell apart by February.

#2 Create a budget:

I did pretty well with that because it was even in the workbook... and then my book sales plummeted.

#3: Write a Will

Damn it! I STILL need to do this!

#4: Work on Health

Just like with the Chantix, I started strong, stretching and taking my vitamins, and then it went to hell.... except for a couple great things! I QUIT SMOKING! That wasn't even a goal, but then my roommate got COPD and had to quit and my son came to live with me full time, so I quit for them. I also cut out Sprite and now drink zero calorie sparkling water.

Just for quitting smoking alone, I'm going to call that a win.

#5.) Produce at least one Audiobook.

Hahahaha nope. Didn't have the time or money to do that.

#6.)  Do at least one local book signing.

That's a big regret. The Chantix insanity lasted almost five months. After that, I'd fallen behind on all my writing and was in a constant state of catch-up.

#7.)  Write 4 books for 2018.

I wrote two full Hearts of Metal novels, one half of a Brides of Prophecy novel, and a quarter of my new SECRET book idea.

#9 Begin NEW secret idea book


#10.)  Be good to my loved ones.

I feel like I pulled this one off as well.

#11  Get Little Beast on the road

Hahaha. I did not have time to do any car work aside from my daily driver.

#12: Put Engine in my son's truck.

Kent did that. Does it count?

#13: Learn how to airbrush flames. 

Alas, I didn't have time to play with my airbrush kit last year, but I really hope to this year. I did do some kickass scratchboards though.

So... 3 1/2 goals out of 13. Not good.

MY 2019 Goals

I'm not going freaking 13 of them this time, lol.

1.) Have realistic expectations for myself. 

I think when I was working three jobs, and juggling between writing and marketing, I got too used to working 18 hour days and burned myself out. Which is probably why my productivity took a nosedive for 2017 and especially 2018. That said....

2.) Go back to having a schedule and planner.

Since I have to rebuild by business, I didn't get Leonie Dawson's planner this time, though I HIGHLY recommend it if you're generating more than $500 a month on your business. She also has a cool life goals workbook as well.

But now I'm trying this one. Only on Day 8, but I'm doing well!

3.) Write 27000 words a month.

It's my eventual dream to get 30K a month and average 1K a day, but I feel like I should have days off for emergencies or just days off to live. And 27000 a month is enough to net me a book every three months!

4.) Get one more tooth fixed.

My teeth are in bad shape. Already had to get one more pulled because it wasn't salvageable. Hopefully I can get my book sales up enough to start putting money aside for that.

5.) Get my son driving and insured. 

He's saving money enough to cover a couple months of insurance, but he needs more driving practice.

6.) Write a Will


7.) Keep a better log of income and expenses.


And that's it. Seven goals and most about writing. Yes, I'll still attempt to market, but writing will be my priority. I have a new series coming, several more Brides of Prophecy books to write, and a new series to plan.

I hope everyone else has an excellent year!!! 

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