Monday, March 12, 2012

E-Book Pricing: Your Wallet's Perspective


Today's post is about E-book pricing in general. How much is too much? How much is too little? One thing I can definitely say is that the Kindle version of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS at $14.99 is TOO MUCH. So's the $35.00 for the hardcover. I enjoyed that book, so thank God for libraries or I never would have had the chance to read it. I do plan on owning it, but until the price goes down, or it comes out in paperback, my wallet's staying in my pocket.

That's all well and good for George R.R. Martin. His addicting series and huge following will keep him from being hurt from my reluctance to purchase his book at such a large price. But what about the debut and mid-list authors? What prices am I willing to pay to try someone new? Or keep following a series I liked?

On the other hand, authors and publishers need to make money. Is there possibility for a compromise? Is there a price readers are willing to pay that will still keep editors, cover artists, and authors fed so they can keep putting out awesome stories?

 For me, I think 7.99 is my limit, but that's mostly because A.) I'm poor and B.) Mass market paperbacks are my preferred mode of reading and paying more than Mass Market Paperback price for an e-book is repugnant to me since e-book is my 2nd choice of format.

How about you? What's the most you are willing to pay for an e-book?

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  1. THis a great plug!


    I have to agree, more than 7.99 is too much for me. I like 'em cheaper (under 5 makes me happy). Hugs to you girl!