Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't Piss off Romanceland

It's happened again. Another jackass is bashing the romance genre with asinine assumptions and incorrect data to support his argument...and that's the issue. I don't care if someone doesn't like a genre, but ad hominem attacks on readers and writers in such a libelous manner get me seething.

A few highlights from this guy's rant: Romance authors are mistakenly put on a "pedestal as if they are in the same class as authors of a much higher standing." Romance novels will never be part of a college curriculum..and of course they are "lessor" works. (His typo, not mine.) Oh, and he called us illiterate n' stuff.

I would have been content to giggle over that and submit a comment citing proof of his errors...but he grew even more obnoxious in the comments section: " As I said earlier, I object to grown women reading and thinking on thigs they should have gotten out of the way when they were still girls. It seems to me the inellectually lazy shoe is very much on the other foot."

I responded to that comment...but then it got deleted. 

Apparently the same thing happened to author Shiloh Walker. But she was tech savvy enough to take pictures. She discusses her experience here.

Since Ms. Walker summed up the matter very well, I see no need to repeat the same arguments. So instead, I made memes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: TROLL MAN!

He described himself as "sexy" and "single" Hmmm... the latter seems obvious, but the former?

And the guy has a donate button. For what purpose, I don't know. Even Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons" has more class.

....The last is inspired by mine and Shiloh Walker's experience.


  1. What a douchesocket.

    Is that photo his identification picture from his sex offender registry listing?

  2. Douchesocket?! I think that's my new favorite word.

  3. My armchair psychological opinion? He's a closet homosexual, maybe someone who has vagina envy. He resents the sexuality of women, and feels inadequate. Not too far a stretch, obviously, but his comments clearly reflect someone who is intimidated by a healthy sex drive in a woman. He's probably been turned down too many times, and takes it personally. The fact that he thinks "little girls" should be enjoying their sexuality is even more perverted.

  4. Oh yeah, I hadn't considered the last. That IS creepy.

  5. I'm with favorite name to call others! I read this guys article from a fellow authors rant about him on facebook.