Monday, August 22, 2011

BREATHE AGAIN by Bonnie R. Paulson is out today!

My blog posts will be short for awhile because I messed up my left thumb and have to wear an awkward brace thingie for the next few weeks. But I still gotta share the good news. My buddie, sweet contemporary romance author, Bonnie R. Paulson has a book out today with Carina Press!!!! I pre-ordered BREATHE AGAIN so it was awesome having it show up on my Kindle this morning.

Here's a blurb: Maggie Lachlan is struggling to get over the death of her husband. After being overcome by emotion during a shift in the E.R., she's suspended indefinitely. Making things worse, she needs a place to stay after the quick sale of the house she shared with her late husband.

Fortunately, her friend Ryan Stewart offers her a room while she gets her life in order, much to the chagrin of his brother and housemate, Brodan Steele. Brodan doesn't want to like Maggie, not when he knows Ryan has feelings for her too. But it's hard to deny the attraction he feels for her when she's sleeping under the same roof.
Being so close to Brodan awakens something in Maggie, something she never felt during her marriage. But as long as she's haunted by the past, she can't open herself up to the future…

I just started it and let me tell you, it was riveting enough to make me forget I was stuck waiting at the Dr.'s office.

Buy it Here, now!! 


  1. Thanks Brook! Sorry about your thumb! I hope it doesn't jack with your WIP. That would upset me! ALOT! Hugs Missy!

  2. It's slowed my typing but otherwise I'm okay. It's the housework that's really going to suffer.