Monday, August 12, 2019

Paranormal Romance on Kindle Unlimited, A giveaway, and a freebie!

I went ahead and enrolled three of my Scandals with Bite books in KU and Wynter's Bite was selected to be featured in this KU Paranormal showcase!
Booklist HERE!
Wynter's Bite was a blast to write. I LOVED spending time with Justus and Bethany. If you want to check out Wynter's Bite alone, you can go HERE.
Hey, everyone!
It's my birthday and I'm taking part in a fun giveaway. It's a really cool one because you get to pick which authors and which genres to follow on Bookbub, which means you'll only get new release and deal announcements on things you're already interested in reading AND you don't have to sign up for anyone's newsletter. And you can win a $75 Amazon gift card.
To enter the Books make the Best Friends Giveaway go HERE!
I've changed Wrenching Fate back to free. I had to have it at 99 cents for awhile to qualify for a Bookbub featured deal. I FINALLY WAS APPROVED! 
Anyway, you'll hear about the Bookbub free promo next week, but if you haven't picked up my urban fantasy romance about a grumpy female mutant mechanic and a sexy Scottish vampire, you can get it now.
Wrenching Fate is available on 

Life News:
Well, I'm 37 now. It doesn't feel much different, but I don't really have time to feel different, lol. I've been so busy with the day job and playing catch-up on many things. I sadly had to email my publisher and let her know that I'm about a week behind on Her Haunted Heart. That's not enough to delay the release date of October 8th, thank goodness.
The book IS coming together well and I'm going to get more words down before having a nice birthday dinner with Kent. 
We also had a piece of ceiling fall in from a roof leak and my car has some overdue repairs needed, so that's fun.
BUT, I am living with the love of my life, I get to cuddle with cats every night, my son is amazing, I had cake for breakfast, and I get to murder crab legs for my birthday dinner, so life is all right.

Until next time,
-Brooklyn Ann

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Her Haunted Heart (October, 2019)
His Scream Queen (April 2020)
Her Halloween Party (October 2020)
Scandals With Bite
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Books do not need to be read in order
Brides of Prophecy
(Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy)
Also don't need to be read in order until book 5...kinda
Short Prequel: Tesemini
Hearts of Metal
(Contemporary Romance)
Standalones that intertwine
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