Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My goals for the year

2016 is due to be extremely busy and exciting for me! I will have at least 4 releases this year, OMG! I also have other goals aside from writing.

But no weight loss or quitting smoking... not this year, not with 3 jobs.

First goal: Finish Scandals With Bite Book 4
Creating the cover was on my list as well, but I already finished it.

If things go well, it may even be up for preorder later this month. However, I am only 1/3rd done with it, so I really gotta suck it up and spend some serious time writing this month. I need to not be like George RR Martin, lol.

Then I gotta arrange for advanced reviewers and a blog tour.

 Get a sewing machine and learn how to use it. 

After getting back to family tradition of making quilts, I realized that I can no longer just paint squares and have mom (who's no longer with me) or Grandma sew them for me. Time to be a big girl.

Write Brides of Prophecy, Book 4

With this series starting to gain notice, it is imperative I give my readers the next installment. Especially since there are two plot threads, one from the end of Wrenching Fate, and one with Razvan's missing twin brother, that are going to be resolved. I am so excited for that one!

If I'm lucky this one may be a Late Summer or Early Fall release.

Write book for Secret NEW series my agent is pitching.

Even if my publisher doesn't pick that one up, it sounds too fun not to write and find a home for.

Start another book. 

Which series that will be for, all depends on how my current contracts go.

Make a few teaser images and a book trailer for existing series.

These look so fun. I want to try them myself.

Get a stable, do-able marketing strategy. 

I'm still relatively unknown, so I need to get the word out about my books. However, I also don't want to be spammy. Gotta stay classy. :D 

Go Fishing!

I haven't had the chance to do hardly any fishing for the last four years. This is bullshit. I LOVE fishing and my tummy is crying out for some rainbow trout or beer-battered bass.

Attend at least one convention.

I had SO much fun at the three I've been to so far and made a lot of friends, so I must attend another. However, flights anywhere from my state are 4-500 dollars alone, and my budget is tenuous. I will keep you posted about where I end up.

And finally:

Quit the Day Job by the end of the year.

With 4 more releases coming this year, it might actually be possible!

Book releases:

What are your goals?

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