Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Recap

January: I kept up with my blogging and plowed full steam ahead into Book 2 of my Regency Paranormal romance series. My critique partners, Bonnie R. Paulson and Shelley Martin are too be thanked for providing crucial feedback and motivation.

February: This month has been difficult for me since my mom passed away on Valentine's day of '09. However, I think I handled February of 2012 pretty well. I kept writing, kept blogging, and didn't overdo it on the drinking. I slept through the actual day and went back to writing.

March: As winter began to abate, life got easier as usual. I got to go to the movies for the first time in for-e-ver. Naturally, we went to see the HUNGER GAMES. LOVED IT! I got further on book 2 and began getting acquainted with my fellow Sourcebooks Casablanca authors. Awesome ladies!

April: I wore my fingers to the bone going for the final stretch in my novel...and I got to do the best thing ever for my writing productivity. I ditched my family to stay in a hotel room. I drank red bull and hard cider and chain smoked while writing non-stop for hours. I took a few breaks to swim in the 24 hour pool before returning to the world of my characters. I think some of the best scenes were accomplished that night.

May: W000t! I finished the rough draft of book 2, then I finished revising the first book in my urban fantasy series, THEN I started a new rock star romance novella. I also made the decision to go back to college and get my English degree because I was tired of being a janitor. In many ways it was a dream job. The solitude and ability to listen to music all shift was glorious. However, the low pay and other annoyances eventually wore on me. I also got to enjoy a good season of fishing and morel mushroom picking.

June: Ahh, sweet, glorious summer! I eased off a little on my workaholic frenzy and allowed myself to socialize and catch up on fishing.

July: This was a fun month. We kicked off with an awesome 4th of July BBQ. Our neighbor fell in the pond.

We also picked several gallons of huckleberries and I finished the rough draft of a rock star romance novella.
Best of all, I got to work on the developmental edits with the awesome Deb Werksman. She is wonderful to work with!

August: My husband went out of town for two weeks and I celebrated my 30th birthday. My party was awesome. I had live music!

While the husband was away, we were supposed to quit smoking. I wanted to kill everything....especially when my beloved cat, Isis, died--- on my birthday. Some good things were that the anger from quitting smoking totally killed my appetite so I lost like 15 pounds.

Also I got the cover for BITE ME, YOUR GRACE! And I was able to work a deal with a friend so I could use his house as office space two nights a week. I got my copyedits done in a week.

September: I started college as well as the third book in my regency paranormal romance series. OMG, I had no idea that I'd be so slammed. If it weren't for my weekly writing nights I wouldn't have made it. I quickly learned that "self defense" was not the best choice for a P.E. credit. I pulled my groin muscle the second week and had to use a cane for a few days. By the end of the month, I gave up on quitting smoking.

October: So slammed with school I practically missed Halloween. But I got a new cat. He belonged to the neighbors until they got a new puppy. Then he adopted me.

November: Still slammed with school....and page proofs.

December: I made it through the semester with 4 As a B and a C+. It was a joy to go on vacation and focus on my writing. Almost at the halfway mark in Book 3. I got my ARCs in and almost died from joy.

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