Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Holy Crap, I think I'm a Plotter!

My suspicion started when I realized 2 things: 

1.) I tend to jot down quick notes of upcoming scenes in whatever project I'm working on. 
2.) I'm pretty damn good at the dreaded synopsis.

My theory that I may be a plotter was confirmed when I landed my 3 book deal for my regency paranormal romance series. The editor asked for concepts for the next two books...ones I had not written, much less visualized. It was scary, but I pulled it off. And you know what? Not only was book 2 the smoothest book I've ever written, but my CPs say it's even better than the first. 

Now a friend of mine wants me to critique his entry for the annual Idaho Writer's League contest. "Are you going to enter?" he asked. "Or are you too much of a hot shot now?" 

I laughed and replied, "No, I just can't afford the entry fee."

"Well I'll pay it if you critique my entry," he offered.

So I was all, "Oh crap! What do I enter?" 

I don't want to enter my urban fantasy or paranormal stuff because it never seems to go well with the judges. They seem to gravitate toward the normal. So I really want to enter one of my rock star novellas, namely HIS ROADIE because it opens with a bang.  But as you can see from my progress bar, I'm not too far along with it. The entry will consist of the 1st 3500 words, which is fine, but I also need to include a synopsis. 

At first I was all, "Damn it!" but then I remembered how well my 2nd regency paranormal went when I wrote the synopsis in advance. I have a feeling that after I write the synopsis for HIS ROADIE, my progress will increase.

So, HOLY CRAP, I think I'm a plotter! 

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