Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lucky 7 book tag.

...until they hear the can opener. 

Bonnie R. Paulson tagged me in the "Lucky 7" blog game-thingie that's been going around. I'm supposed to go to page 77 of one of my novels, go down 7 lines and post the following 7 lines. Then I get to tag some friends.

So here's my snippet from page 77 of BITE ME, YOUR GRACE:

            Ian was torn between amusement at her daring and anger because she was forcing him to muddle through this awkward explanation. Angelica should be even more grateful than her mother had been for his saving her and her family from social death. Leaning down as if to smell her perfume, he lowered his voice. 
        “Spare me from your wrath, Angel. Since you insist upon knowing, I will tell you that your reputation was not the only one in danger. Thanks to that upstart, John Polidori, and his story taking the Continent by storm, people have become suspicious of me.”

Ahh, that book was such a blast to write. 

And now I shall select my victims...mwah hah hah hah: Shana Galen, Tracey Devlyn, Sean T. Poindexter, Jamie DeBree, Jonathan Weyer, Terri Garey, and Tiffany White

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