Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting Back Control

I went through a rough couple weeks this summer. My house was constantly trashed, the kids were around constantly and becoming increasingly irksome with their boredom of summer vacation. I was constantly stressed, unemployed and broke and my agoraphobia and social anxiety was at a peak. I'd lost control of my life, and worst of all, I was in danger of losing the novel I'd been working on.

Getting a job helped a lot. It's a low paying part time janitorial job, but it's perfect for me. I get to work alone and I have time to think.

I've been reading a book a friend gave me called THE SLIGHT EDGE. It's a pretty good book and makes a lot of sense. One of the points it makes is that the right thing, whether it's exercising, eating the right thing, picking up your living room or working on your novel is easy to do. The problem is that those little things are also easy not to do. Especially when you're exhausted from kids and work. But when you actually do those little things, you feel so much better about yourself, and so much more in control.

I am getting back control. So far, I've managed to get my house clean and I'm keeping up with it. My story is returning to me and I'm getting a minimum of 500 words a day written...which will hopefully increase to 1500 when the kids go back to school. I'm working on keeping up with my blog (stay tuned, there's going to be an exciting guest post!) and I'm working on a plan to get my finances back in order.

These are all little things, but I'm feeling the difference more and more every day.


  1. Awesome!
    LOVE that opening picture, by the way! Classic!

    Write on, fellow Tribe Sister!

  2. I can really empathize with what you're going through. Gald you're getting back on track!

  3. Congrats on the job and getting back in control. I know that feeling all to well ;o) Thinking of ya!

  4. Sounds a little like my life!! Glad you're regaining some control, just don't lose that momentum!! :)